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The Conference of the Birds
A global community engaged participatory arts project in response to Covid19 and climate crises. Working with artists across the world to connect, create and make sense of the crises we are living through.
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All this and More
a site specific 
participatory art event in Oslo
commissioned by SEANSE as part of ITAC6

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If Not Us Who.....?


A world renowned programme using parkour and physical theatre to promote mental and physical well being and make spectacular theatre and media production.

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If Not Us Who......?
4 floors of arts, activity and artivism for COP26
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School of the Impossiblea

A global movement around environmental sustainability


(Bush) Tea Services
A Discussion between Annalee Davis & Dr. Peggy Brunache with Ashanti Harris, Robert & Michelle Sullivan
In association with Glasgow Womens Library and The Beniba Centre for Slavery Studies.

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The Necessary Space - a Theatre of Opportunity                     e:       t: +44(0)7889625155

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